Course for beginners – 42 hours

The Cosmetology Program offered by Académie Dectro is ideal for anyone who wants to counsel or advise customers on the specifics of cosmetic products, rather than to perform treatments on the clients. The training within this program is focused primarily on the diagnosis of the skin as well as learning all aspects of cosmetic products: their fabrication, composition, and application, so that you are expertly prepared to effectively advise your future clientele. This course is specifically designed to meet the demands of the public, and the most demanding of employers. The course is structured in a theoretical format that is complemented by educational materials. It is mandatory to wear a black lab coat (available at Dectro International).

What is a cosmetologist?
Cosmeticians work at the cosmetics counter of beauty clinics, drugstores or department stores, recommending suitable beauty products to their clients.


Am I cut out for this?

  • I care about the well-being of others.
  • I like to counsel others.
  • I am adventurous and always on the lookout for novelties.
  • I am resourceful and self-sufficient.
  • I like to have a well-groomed appearance.


Development of Skills

  • Ability to examine a client’s skin and recommend suitable cosmetic products.
  • Professional approach.
  • Confidence.


Schedule and Rates

(May vary depending on the time of year)
In Quebec:
Monday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or according to demand
(available in French only)
In Montreal:
according to demand

Consult the Course Schedule to know the next available dates.
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Course Outline

Code Module Theoretical Practical Recommended Study
02.4071 The Skin, Anatomy and Physiology 7 hours 3 hours
02.4065 Skin Diagnosis 7 hours 3 hours
02.4101 Cosmetology 21 hours 3 hours
Sales and Scenarios 7 hours
35 hours 7 hours 9 hours


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