Facial Treatments

  • Basic Treatment: deep cleansing of your skin followed by a treatment adapted to your skin type and needs. Please allow 3 hours for this treatment, as it will involve several steps.
  • Specific Treatment: Depending on your needs or wishes, several different formulas and powerful active ingredients will be recommended in order to achieve specific visible changes to your skin.
    • Collagen Sheets: recommended for all types of skin with biological modifications. Highly concentrated, this treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Lightning: to reduce pigmentation marks or for a luminous glow, this treatment will brighten your skin and will prevent your complexion from looking dull and dreary.
    • Eye Contour Regeneration: intensive eye treatment that will soften the appearance of superficial lines, to give you a refreshed look and to reduce any signs of aging.
    • Firming: treatment designed for skin that has lost its tone and firmness.
  • Specialized Treatment for Men: we welcome men to come out to our Académie and to take advantage of this treatment that was specifically designed for them. These specialized products are primarily composed of micronutrients and birch sap, as their scents and textures are typically appreciated by most men.