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Académie Dectro: At the Forefront of Education in Electrolysis and Aesthetic Care

Since 1991, Académie Dectro has provided vocational training to thousands of beauty professionals in hair removal and aesthetic care. Known in the province of Quebec (Canada) for the high quality of its training, Académie Dectro continues to this day to solidify its reputation worldwide as it expands into North America, Europe, Asia as well as the Middle-East. Thanks to our partnership with our parent company Dectro International, our students have the privilege to learn the latest techniques on top-of-the-line, leading-edge technology, which naturally translates into higher proficiency in today’s very competitive market.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are experts within their fields and well versed in the latest technologies and techniques. They are able to provide complete courses in one of our well reputed international schools, from beginner to advanced level, to train and inform our customers on our products, or to give seminars at international conferences. They are passionate about their work and are eager to share their knowledge with like-minded people.

Equipment at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Thanks to our ties with the manufacturing company Dectro International, Académie Dectro provides its students the possibility to learn about the most advanced technologies. In addition to learning the basics of beauty care, our students get the opportunity to have hands-on practice performing: microdermabrasion, microcurrent facial treatment, oxygenation, light therapy, radio frequency, body contouring and much more. As for electrolysis, there are several models of the Apilus devices available to the students, including the popular Apilus Platinum 27 MHz, which offers more comfortable and effective results than any of the other electrolysis machines. This technological advantage allows our students to become more versatile and above all else, to master the techniques for the latest technologies found on the market.

International Components

Académie Dectro is pleased to welcome students from all around the world. Whether it be for a complete course, for accelerated training program or simply to further their education in a given subject, international students are bound to benefit from the Académie’s unique expertise.  Dectro International has partnered with schools all over the world to offer it’s Apilus Academy Electrolysis program.  For students momentarily unable to attend regular classes, the theoretical portion of the program is also available online. To consult the list of affiliated schools and to determine which is situated closest to you, please click here.

Take charge of your career with Académie Dectro.

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Our addresses

Académie Dectro Québec
1000 boulevard du Parc-Technologique
Québec (Québec) G1P 4S3
1.800.463.5566 • 418.650.0303  info@academiedectro.com

Académie Dectro Montréal
3400 boulevard Poirier
Montréal (Québec) H4R 2J5
1.800.279.0881 • 514.856.0881  montreal@academiedectro.com

Images of Académie Dectro in Quebec city