I am grateful to Nathalie for passing on her knowledge in makeup, she is a super teacher! I’m really happy because I can now take advantage of everything I’ve learned in class. Another big thank you to all the team of the Académie Dectro, it really was a beautiful experience!

Arthur Eliot
Academie Dectro is without a doubt the best aesthetics and electrolysis vocational training institution. Not only did I learn a new profession that I love to practice, but also one that I am proud of. The instructors are real expert professionals that shared their love for the trade and the tools necessary to help us pursue our careers. Without any hesitation, I would definitely return to this institute for course upgrades or recommend this school to anyone interested in this profession.
Paméla Beaudoin
I really enjoyed my training at Academie Dectro. The instructors are excellent and always available. They worked on building our personal strengths and overcoming any of our difficulties. In addition, we had the opportunity to work with the most current equipment, something that other schools do not offer. If I required any other courses, I would return to Academie Dectro.
Laurianne Frégeau
I would not hesitate to recommend your institution for its quick and effective training programs, which included a lot of hands-on practice. One of the things that I loved the most were the instructors who are passionate about their profession.
Karine Perron
I am very happy with my training and I found the programs very interesting. The instructors are nice and supportive toward the students, and I liked the way they taught. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Morgan Mackay
I love Academie Dectro. The training is quick and efficient, which allowed us to immediately enter the workforce. The instructors are excellent and very professional. For all of these reasons, I recommend Academie Dectro. You will not be disappointed!
Valérie Émond
I love this school! The instructors are great, helpful and understanding. I am certainly coming back for another course. I would easily recommend this school to any of my friends.
Simlavatee Dusoye
I recommend Academie Dectro to anyone who wishes to have the best instructors in the beauty industry. It is a great school with the newest most modern equipment which makes it possible for us to succeed.
Kariane Dufour-Coursol
I have already taken two courses and I am very satisfied with the results. Which is why I would like to take the thermocoagulation training program. I have already recommended this school to my friends.
Oxana Sipahi
Academie Dectro is an incredible school! The instructors are prepared to do absolutely anything to answer our questions and to help shape our future. It is like one big happy family, we love one another. I will certainly take my additional training here.
Jessica Bomba
I am really thankful to my instructors, for their relevant knowledge and their patience! I will definitely come back to take other courses and I highly recommend Academie Dectro to anyone wanting to pursue specialized training programs and techniques.
Mirna Siriani
Just a word to say thank you granting me this opportunity. You have allowed me to accomplish one of my dreams and life objectives. Without your generosity and flexibility, I never would have been able to reach my goal. Congratulations for your business success. You have built a solid reputation in the beauty culture world and you are vigorously pursuing your goal with generosity and passion! Kudos to all of you!
Isabelle Leblanc
The teachers are very competent and patient, and know how to pass their knowledge on to others.
Christine Dumas