(Course for beginners – 650 hours)

Do you have a fascination with beauty and the beauty industry? If so, then the Aesthetic Program offered by Académie Dectro is perfect for you!  This program is a comprehensive training course that covers the fundamental concepts of cosmetology, face and body treatments, manicure, pedicure, make-up and waxing. Throughout your training you will gain the knowledge necessary to perform several sophisticated techniques using advanced technologies such as electrostimulation, oxygen therapy, microdermabrasion, body remodelling, light therapy and radio frequency therapy.  Once you have completed your training program, you will be capable of identifying an assortment of different skin types and be able to implement the most effective treatments in order to enhance, maintain and highlight the quality of your client’s skin.

The Aesthetic Program offered at our school is a comprehensive and highly personalized course which has been adapted to fulfill the needs of today’s market. Under the supervision of a professional instructor, practical workshops are combined with theoretical learning to help the students acquire and develop the knowledge and abilities needed to efficiently use state-of-the-art equipment and specialized products when performing aesthetic care treatments.  Students will receive learning materials for use with the theoretical component of the program.   It is mandatory to wear a black uniform and to have a work training kit (available at Dectro International).

What is an aesthetician?
An aesthetician is a person who helps people to look their best by applying various beauty treatments in order to enhance, maintain and highlight the quality of their skin.


Am I cut out for this?

  • I care about the well-being of others.
  • I like to be in direct contact with people.
  • I am a resourceful and independent person.
  • I like to have a well-groomed appearance.


Development of Skills

  • Ability to examine a client’s skin and be able to recommend the appropriate treatment
  • Ability to advise on the subject of cosmetics and make-up
  • Manual dexterity
  • Pride in a job well done
  • Professional approach
  • Confidence


Schedule and Rates

(May vary depending on the time of the year)
In Quebec :
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (August to December)
Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (January to June)
(Available only in French)
In Montreal :
Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (January to June)
(Available only in French)

Consult the Course Schedule to know the next available dates.
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Course Outline

Code Module Theory Practice Recommended Study
02.4012 Code of Ethics 2 hours 1 hour
02.4031 Hygiene and Safety 10 hours 5 hours
02.4071 The Skin, Anatomy & Physiology 30 hours 15 hours
02.4011 Devices & Equipment 21 hours 25 hours 10 hours
02.4061 Evaluation of the Skin 28 hours 17 hours 14 hours
02.4041 The Facial Treatments 28 hours 88 hours 14 hours
02.4111 Cell and Tissues 28 hours 14 hours
02.4112 Systems of the Human Body 30 hours 15 hours
02.4101 Cosmetology 1 21 hours 10 hours
02.4081 Cosmetology 2 35 hours 20 hours
02.4500 Sales & Marketing 7 hours 15 hours
02.4021 Professional Make-up 28 hours 42 hours 10 hours
02.4003 Waxing 7 hours 35 hours 2 hours
02.4051 Manicure1 3 hours 36 hours
02.4118 Back Care 19 hours  —
*02.4075 Specific treatments using advanced devices 10 hours 24 hours 8 hours
02.4091 Foot Care1 3 hours 36 hours
02.4115 Introduction to Body Care 3 hours 19 hours
294 hours 356 hours 136 hours

1 Offered in Quebec only
*A Microdermabrasion Certification is available after 3 hours of theory, and 5 practical treatments.

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